How Rs.17 per day can make you rich

How Rs.17 per day can make you rich

When Indians think about rich people, they always think about how they make money and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

But do we, ordinary Indians, think of investments?

Ans-No! Not Really.

Why not?

Before that, we have to think about earning potential of our people. According to the report, most of them are earned through Jobs, which is 59.4% of the total population. We always think about spending money on festivals more than usual. In India, the young population is almost  53%, according to reports which is a significant percentage compared to other countries.

Suppose a student knows about investment in Mutual funds from the early age of 12 and invests Rs.17 per day in mutual funds through Systematic Investment Plan(SIP), which is now a day possible for any student through various platforms.  In 30 years, he will get almost 18 lakhs CAGR with an investment of only Rs.17 per day with an average return of 12% annually. Can you calculate on how large amount you are getting, 18 lakhs as a return? Only on a total investment of roughly 1.86Lakhs(Rs.17 for 30yrs). This shows you what a constant investment of Rs.17 can do! But after your age and income increase, you can invest more to create a massive Corpus in Crores of Rupees. After all, it's the habit that will make you rich.