Annual Report

Annual Report
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The Annual Report is an official document published annually by the company for its investors and Stakeholders, containing information about the company's financial position for the previous year. It is published at the end of the financial year, i.e., on 31st March.

The annual Report must be used as an authentic source of information. It is available on every listed company's website in the investor section.

Contents of an Annual Report Contains:-

  • Overview of the company- Mentioning the Board of Directors, Financial Highlights, Company at a Glance, etc.
  • Governance- Mentioning Management Discussion and Analysis, Report on Corporate Governance, Director’s Report, etc.
  • Financial Statements- This contains the Auditor’s Report, Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statement, Statements of Changes in Equity and Notes to Financial Statements, etc.

Financial Statements can be called the most important part of any annual Report that catches an Investor's eye. Financial Statements Can be Standalone Financial Statements or Consolidated Financial Statements. Management Discussions and Analysis also contains vital information on Management’s perspective on Industry and Business for the year ahead.

It is a mandatory requirement for the company to produce and distribute the annual report to its public or private shareholders.