About Us

Wisbees is a Financial Research Publishing platform that specializes in delivering valuable Investment information in an easily understandable story format. We are the first to do so in Retail Financial Research in India.

Based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. It is founded by a team of finance enthusiasts with a mission to quench the thirst of Indian readers for financial knowledge.

We strive to make people's live better providing the most affordable but quality information for a better financial future . Our primary goal is to disrupt the retail Research and Advisory industry by offering low-cost, less noisy (fewer articles), yet high-quality research.

We believe in eating less but eating well. We like to do deep dive into the business and finance of stocks and find the hidden value. We hold ourselves to a strict oath of maintaining clarity and integrity in all our published materials.

In addition to fulfilling our Social Responsibility, the dedicated volunteer team at Wisbees actively engages with colleges and schools, organizing insightful seminars aimed at enhancing financial literacy. Our primary objective during these campaigns is to foster complete financial inclusion, making it our overarching goal.

"Jai Hind"

Mission Statement:-

"We wholeheartedly embrace our mission,'Right to Financial Information.' We firmly believe that every Indian investor deserves the ability to comprehend the financial information conveyed by companies, governments, and other reliable sources. Regrettably, only institutional investors with substantial resources are able to decipher these details and reap the benefits. In India, the current market situation is one where information fails to reach investors promptly and in a comprehensible manner. At Wisbees, we are dedicated to bridging this information gap through tireless efforts to provide simplified, readily accessible financial information at an incredibly low cost. Our mission holds greater significance to us than simply pursuing substantial revenues.

What inspired the idea of naming it "WisBees"?

The name WisBees is derived from the combination of "Wisdom" and "Bees." In a densely populated country like India, there are countless eager-to-learn minds hungry for accurate information and knowledge, just like bees seeking nectar. WisBees aims to create a digital library that caters to these beautiful and knowledge-seeking minds.

Our Team

The WisBees team is composed of highly qualified professionals with MBA and Ph.D. degrees in Finance. Our core tech team comprises skilled and experienced individuals with a deep understanding of user experience to ensure a customer-friendly interface. We also benefit from the guidance of highly educated academicians and industry leaders who serve as our mentors, helping us navigate the complex landscape of business and finance.

Dr. Abhimanyu Sahoo

Prof. Dr. Abhimanyu Sahoo (Our Mentor and Guru)

Dr. Abhimanyu Sahoo boasts an impressive educational and professional background, having earned degrees in nearly all areas of finance and accounting, including a Chartered Accountancy, CS, CFA, and a Ph.D. His extensive industry experience makes him an invaluable asset to us, as he guides and mentors the team towards creating exceptional financial products.

Dr. Abhimanyu Sahoo

Gouri Sankar Dash (Founder, CEO)

With an MBA degree focused on finance and five years of experience in trading and investing in the financial market. Prior to starting this venture, he worked at Zerodha, where he gained valuable experience. Nitin Kamath is one of his role models, and he firmly believes in a customer-centric business model, prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of his clients. William O'Neil is his biggest inspiration behind creating Wisbees like a Investors friendly Platform. He is also the Founding President of "D-Street Club" a charitable investment club to support ideastage start ups for youths of India.

Dr. Abhimanyu Sahoo

Sritam Prusty (Chief of Operations)

Sritam Prusty is a passionate trader and avid learner of the financial market. He is deeply inspired to spread financial literacy across India and is committed to making a positive impact in this field.He is also Content head in "Dictionary" and a great contributor to equity research at Wisbees

Dr. Abhimanyu Sahoo

Sangram Keshari Senapati (Chief Editor)

With over 7 years of experience in writing and managing content media, Sangram Keshari Senapati is a renowned public figure. He holds a world record for writing articles continuously for 2000 days on Wikipedia. His work has garnered significant attention from the public, and he is highly regarded for his expertise in content creation. Additionally, he successfully founded an e-magazine called Shubhapallaba, further demonstrating his passion for content creation and media management.

Dr. Abhimanyu Sahoo

Purba Bhattacherjee (Content Head,News Letters)

Purba Bhattacherjee, a doctoral research scholar at XIM University in Bhubaneswar, possesses a keen interest in various domains such as market movements, ESG investments, carbon financing, cryptocurrency, and market uncertainties. Alongside her research pursuits, she also holds the position of Content Head of Newsletters at Wisbees..